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Transportation Information

1. Take a train to Taichung Train Station

Taichung Train Station to NTCU:(7 routes, on left) Bus No. 11, 27, 32, 290, 323, 324, 325
NTCU to Taichung Train Station:(9 routes, on right) Bus No. 11, 32, 86, 101, 107, 290, 323, 324, 325

2. Take a taxi to NTCU for about 10 minutes

3. Walk to NTCU for about 30 minutes
4. Take a High Speed Train to Taichung
5. Take the shuttle bus to SOGO Department Store and then take a taxi to NTCU for about 10 minutes
Other Info refers to the website of High Speed Tran (

6. Take a freeway bus
Take a freeway bus to Taichung Train Station and stop on Mincyuan Road(民權路), at the side-gate of NTCU

7. Driving
Drive through Zhongshan Freeway or Chungtou Highway
Drive through the 2nd exit of Taichung to Jhong Gang road (中港路). Go straight on Jhong Gang road and turn right on Mincyuan(民權路) or Wucyuan Road(五權路). Go on Mincyuan or Wucyuan Road for about 5 min to reach NTCU
Drive through the 3rd exit of Taichung to Wucyuan West Road (五權西路). Go straight on Wucyuan West Road for about 20-25 min to reach NTCU
Take Chungtou Highway toward north to the Taichung exit and go straight on Wucyuan South Road and then Wucyuan Road for about 15 min to reach NTCU


Location of English Department
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